Lanolin is a pale-yellow, unctuous, waxy material obtained by subjecting natural wool grease through a series of purification processes. Wool grease is the natural secretion of the sebaceous glands of sheep that becomes trapped in the sheep's wool. Wool grease is obtained as a byproduct from the process of scouring of raw wool.

Lanolin is an excellent natural emollient which helps soften the skin. Its useful natural moisturizing characteristics are put to good use in skincare and cosmetics products. It finds its application in lip balms, lipsticks and various cosmetics, hair care, ointment bases and soaps.

Apart from its varied application in skincare, Lanolin is also used in many other industries like industrial lubricants, anti-corrosive-rust preventive coatings, metal cutting oils, adhesive tapes (surgical/non-surgical), leather treatment, shoe polishes, paints and many more.