Bulk Packaging

Kim Chemicals Ltd’s Petroleum Jellies are customer-made to given specifications from pharmaceutical to defence applications. They are produced in a range of colors from pure white to dark amber, to meet customer-specific needs.

Kim Chemicals Ltd’s White Oils are highly refined paraffin mineral oils of high purity. KIM White Oils are color stable, hydrophobic and have high lubricity and insulation properties. KIM White Oils conform to the most recent requirements of the Indian, US and British and other Pharmacopia standards. KIM White Oils are widely used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and personal care products as base material for ointments, lotions, baby oils, creams, moisturisers, laxatives, internal lubricants etc. These oils also find aplication in Food, Agricultural and Industrial sectors as pan oils, protective coatings in food packaging, polymer plasticisers, insecticides and paint strippers. KIM White Oils are typically available in two viscosity grades. Custom made grades of KIM, catering to specific application requirements, can be formulated on request.