Baby Oil

  • Quintessential baby oil for massage for new born babies, infants.
  • Transparent oil, mildly perfumed, used after bathing or diaper change of babies.
  • The oil stimulates blood circulation of infants and yields comfort.
  • The skin moisturising properties of the Oil keeps skin smooth, soft and supple and protects from chafing.
  • Mild and soft in nature is safe for delicate skin of infants.
  • Easily penetrating and soothing qualities helps relieve skin dryness.
  • Tested for quality standards for sensitive baby, infant skin application.

Baby Oil are available in 4 Fl oz, 7 Fl oz, 12 Fl oz, 14 Fl Oz PET bottles with CRC and Flip Top Caps both. IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN ALOE VERA VARIANT.