Baby Oil
Quintessential baby oil for massage for new born babies, infants.
Transparent oil, mildly perfumed, used after bathing or diaper change of babies.
The oil stimulates blood circulation of infants and yields comfort.
The skin moisturising properties of the Oil keeps skin smooth, soft and supple and protects from chafing.
Mild and soft in nature is safe for delicate skin of infants.
Easily penetrating and soothing qualities helps relieve skin dryness.
Tested for quality standards for sensitive baby, infant skin application.
Baby Oil are available in 4 Fl oz, 7 Fl oz, 12 Fl oz, 14 Fl Oz PET bottles with CRC and Flip Top Caps both. IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN ALOE VERA VARIANT.
7 fl. Oz. (200 ml.)
12 fl. Oz. (350 ml.)